I’m on the hunt, I’m after you…

you meaning the perfect job (whatever that is)

I’ve been job searching since March. For four months I’ve been searching for a job, any job, preferably at least somewhat related to my degree (Communications). I chose my major because I wanted to do something with advertising, pr, marketing, or something along those lines.

In my job searching, I have used plenty of job search websites, Monster, Simply Hired, LinkedIn, government job search engines, as well as directly searching for different PR/Advertising firms. There are plenty of problems with these methods, at least in my opinion. It also really makes me wonder how anyone ever got a job before the advent of the Internet. When using job search websites, you have to sift through numerous jobs just to find something even remotely similar to what you are looking for, while also watching out for the scam jobs that are posted everywhere. When you finally find something that seems promising, you often have to submit your resume via the website, filling out forms and copying your resume into a 2000 maximum characters box, which does not support any of the formatting you worked so hard on. I just have to wonder does anyone even ever get these? I have no way of contacting them, so I’m basically sending my resume into nothingness, hoping that someone will get it and like what they see.

Looking directly for companies is sometimes a little bit easier. I like to see potential employers websites, see what the employees mini bios say about them and the company, plus, of course, the actual layout of the site says a lot. There’s a problem with this though also, some companies don’t post their job openings, only an email link to info@companyname.org…so helpful, who do you address it to? We’re taught throughout college how to be professional, so we address it To Whom it May Concern, because who is going to be reading this email, do you put the president’s name? The person in HR? What if it’s a gender neutral name and there aren’t any pictures. There are so many confusing obstacles to get past just to apply for a job.

So, four months into the hunt and I’m still jobless because I’m under-qualified (so-and-so had a better internship than you), overqualified (just because I have a college degree), or my personal favorite – those professionals just don’t even bother to email you back.

My dad says just keep slinging mud, eventually something will stick. So here’s a fistful of mud coming your way.


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