Take a chance on me…

My rant of today of course continues with the job hunting process. I just do not understand why it should be so difficult to find a job. I have a college degree, was involved in clubs during college, held an internship, and maintained a pretty good GPA – these are all of the things that they tell you will eventually land you the perfect job. The problem is that just because my resume says that I received a degree, I can’t get a part-time job, or even an office assistant job.

I had an interview for an office assistant position, it was only part time, but I figured that it would be some experience to put on my resume and something to do with my time. I also thought that it could probably turn into something full time or lead to another position within the same company. During my interview, I met with three different people, each asking me why in the world do you want a part time position with this resume? You’re qualified for something more than this. Does no one understand that there are no jobs out there? Well, no, I take that back, there are jobs. Only the problem is that many of the jobs require at least three years of experience, or only a high school diploma/GED equivalent.

Employers who only require a HS diploma don’t want to hire a college graduate because they think that you will just leave when you find a better job, or at least a job in your field. And yes, of course that will happen, but this makes me wonder why we even bother going to college at all.

It seems like no one is willing to just take a chance on a young, willing college graduate. I guess companies would rather hire someone who has been re-using their same ideas since the beginning of time. Come on somebody, take a little leap.


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