Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything, I’m gonna kick up my feet then stare at the fan

I don’t know how you feel about not working. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun, “Oh, I don’t work. I just get to sit around all day and do whatever I want.” Well, I guess it might be fun if it was your choice to not work, but not when you are unemployed, which sounds much worse, don’t you think? It’s funny how changing the words makes it sound so different. Not working – possibly appealing, being unemployed – not fun.

It seems especially appealing to not be working, when you are recently graduated and only 22. It’s still socially acceptable to be living in your parents house and remain bill-free for as long as possible. I know a lot of people say that not working is so great, but let me tell you something: after a few weeks of not working you won’t be having any fun. Since I was 16, I have held at least one job pretty much all the time; I don’t do well being bored.

At first, though, not working does seem great. You have all this time on your hands, time to indulge in all of your favorite things. You can sit around for hours stalking people on Facebook (come on, everyone does it), chit-chatting with all your bffs from college that you may or may not ever see again and catch up with the ones from high school, watch all of your guilty pleasure soaps and reality shows, sunbathe, read all those juicy novels you’ve been putting off, oh, and of course, look for a job. After a while though, you really don’t care to keep up with the Kardashians anymore and your eyeballs feel like they just might fall out of your head from reading 15 books in three weeks and staring at the computer all day. You might even start to think that you need glasses or something, because is it just me, or is everything realllly blurry all of the sudden?


One thought on “Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything, I’m gonna kick up my feet then stare at the fan

  1. Amen. Can relate to this 100%. I have also had some type of job since 16 and it’s so frustrating that when you finally have a degree and experience you STILL cannot find a full time job in your career field.

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