We runnin this town just like a club

I must go off topic of my usual blogging today. I happened to come across this Wall-Street Journal article: A Situation Emerges in Florence, as TV Brings an Altered Reality: ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Finds Culture Clash in Italy; Will ‘Snooki’ Be Swept Up Like Stendhal?, and I just couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. The mere fact that it’s in the WSJ is also a little mind-boggling to me.

Either way, though, like millions of others, of course I’ve watched MTV’s Jersey Shore for some mindless entertainment every once in a while. After every episode, I wonder what goes through their minds; they’re really making fools of themselves. And then I wonder why I bother watching the stupid show to begin with. So, I have to say, Go Italy for banning them, they don’t want a bad reputation just because of some 20, oh wait I mean almost 30-year-olds who are out of control (I bet their parents are so proud).

I perused a few of the comments and was glad to see that others are opposed to the whole idea of the Jersey Shore show too. Sure, it’s good for a few laughs, and maybe that’s the whole point, but why would you want to embarrass yourself that way in front of millions. Oh wait, probably because they’re being paid six figures according to this source. Maybe I should start my own TV show?

For more amusement and embarrassment at the expense of others, check out TMZ: Jersey Shore


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