Sweet summertime

I’ve been having some writer’s block I guess, nothing has hit me and made me think that I had to write about it. I’m, of course, perpetually frustrated by the job market and only find articles that further my feelings. For example, the employment rate for college graduates under 25 is “11.2 percent, but for college graduates 25 and over it is only 4.5 percent.” If only I could have been born a few years earlier. I guess it’s better than the 25% of Egyptians under 25 who are unemployed, as cited in the same NY Time’s article, so I guess things could be worse.

Even though I haven’t been posting much this week, I’ve still been cruising the Internet in search of jobs and other interesting bits of information that I can pick up. I have found a few part-time jobs in my area that I contemplated applying for. But then I think, what’s the use? The other part-time jobs that I have applied for, I’ve either interviewed for and been told I was over qualified, or just don’t ever hear back so I assume they think the same thing (because I’m pretty sure I could work in a grocery store). My parents are continuing to support me and when I discussed part time jobs with them, they told me that they thought it would be better to stick to just looking for a full-time job and something related to my field, and I agree, I would much rather keep trying to find something that was relevant to everything I’ve been working toward for the past four years. No matter how annoying it is to not be working, I know that something will come along and I’ve been sticking to applying to only two or three jobs a day.

Yesterday I took the day off and instead spent it enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I hung out with some of my friends on their boat, and we got to tube and have a little picnic in the middle of the lake. It was good to get to catch up and remember our “lake days” of high school and how different everything was then. It’s funny how quickly everything seems to change.


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