Welcome to the jungle

Venturing off topic today, I’m going to talk about my weekend. I got to attend my sister’s company picnic. She is three years older than me, and works at pretty large law firm. The firm rented out the entire zoo for its’ employees and their families.

This leopard really liked showing off, but we just wanted to hear his growl

It was complete with a buffet and all the booze you could want, plus the animals, of course, and tour guides. You could even ride the carousel or train. We skipped on the carousel ride, because those things actually move kind of fast and go up and down – I think I might have been sick if I’d tried riding that.

He kept posing like this until I put my camera down, I think he liked getting his picture taken.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to get to wander around a zoo, of course I haven’t been to a zoo since elementary school field trips. I feel kind of bad for the animals because it doesn’t seem like they have a lot of room to meander around in, but they’re so beautiful. The zoo just adopted a baby giraffe too, and even though he wasn’t even a year old yet, he was pretty big. Due to some construction on their outside area, they were stuck behind glass, so I couldn’t get any good pictures of them. It’s amazing how huge they are!

Lionesses catching some rays, I guess the lions were hiding out somewhere else

You can walk right through the kangaroo area, which was pretty cool, but I was also a little frightened because they hop right across the path in front of you. But it was still pretty cool to get to be up close so many animals. It’s definitely a different experience than going when you’re five and don’t remember anything.

Kangaroo petting zoo

I didn’t add any of my zoo pictures to my etsy account, but I did add a few new items the other day, so make sure to keep checking it out! 🙂


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