I wanna be a cowboy, baby

It’s rainy and grey out, and not a day to let job searching bring you down. Days like today, I wish that it would just thunderstorm instead of the drizzle that happens every once in a while.

This morning I helped my mom in my parents’ garden. I remember when I was sixteen and they’d ask me to help, I’d roll my eyes and say something like, “I didn’t want the garden, so why should I have to pull the weeds?”, such logic I had. It’s really not that bad I realize now. Sometimes, even on dreary days, it’s nice to just be outside. Not only that but gardening is actually a pretty good workout. And, I got some good photos to use for some upcoming etsy items! On the downside, my nails were filled with dirt and I got a blister. I guess that’s what happens when you do manual labor.

Last night, I got to watch some good ol’ Americana fun at the Rodeo. Who doesn’t like cowboys, fried dough, mud flying, and American pride everywhere? We used to always go when my sister and I were little, but I hadn’t been in the last few years. I wish I had some pictures to post, but the fence obstructed my view or any hope for decent pictures. It was a good time though, and not only do you get to watch barrel racing, mutton bustin, and bull riding, but the people watching is always equally as fun.

Today, I’m going to apply for some jobs probably (ugh), but I’ve also been working on some cards for my etsy, I hope to get them on there by the end of the day, so make sure to take a look!


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