Take it on the run

I have been really stumped the past few days on what to write about. I don’t want to look up newspaper articles that aren’t going to give me any hope of finding a job. I don’t want to get all political or anything, because I don’t really follow politics, even though I think that I probably should. They’re boring, to me. There are some things that I wish I liked, or think it would be good to like, but I just don’t. Things like sushi, shrimp, politics, and the American history that probably actually does matter, but they gross me out, feel funny, and are boring, so why try to like something that I just simply don’t. If I want to read about history, I want to read about the Mafia, criminals on the lam for years, something exciting! I don’t want to read about what has happened, I want to make something happen. I want to create things, write things, paint things, capture things.

So the economy sucks right now, but it has before, probably will again, and hopefully we’ll all survive. It’s like everything else in life, soon it will be over and everything will be okay again. Complaining about it isn’t going to change anything. It doesn’t make time go by faster either, but it gives you something to do in the mean time, I guess, even if it annoys everyone else in the process (hehe).


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