In the ghetto

Yesterday I had a job search break down. It was probably the most ridiculous day that I have had so far in terms of my interviews/auditions for jobs (because it really seems more like an audition).

I applied for a job that was posted online about two weeks ago. I hate applying to the jobs online where you have to fill out all of the information and then attach your resume anyway. All of the information you fill out is on your resume, so it seems so pointless, annoying, and time-consuming. After submitting that information, I had to take a test of situational/what would you do questions that probably took about half an hour. Depending on if I passed this test I would be able to schedule an appointment. Silly me for thinking that an appointment would mean an interview. No, they are not the same thing.

The open appointment times were during the week from 5 PM – 8 PM, a few were on Saturdays from 11 AM – 3 PM. I opted for one of the week day ones, because it was the soonest opening. After scheduling my appointment, I received an email that there would be ABCD testing and possibly an interview afterward. (ABCD wasn’t the actual acronym used, but you get it) I looked up ABCD testing and came up with several results. I was either going to be tested on my physical abilities, take a drug test, or take a test related to some high school. So, I emailed the woman back, she said I could if I had any questions, and asked exactly what the testing would entail. She said it would be a test of mostly situational questions, similar to the test I’d already taken online. Grr, at least I wouldn’t have to lift any weights, but maybe that would be more fun. I didn’t know if someone would be directly asking me the questions or if I’d be put into a classroom, given a #2 pencil and bubble answer sheet.

Yesterday was the day that I would find out. I realized, only earlier in the morning, that I would have to leave my house around 3:30 to get there, because it’s about an hour drive, plus road work, city traffic, finding a parking space, and then walking to the building. Guess I won’t get to eat dinner today. Side note: I get a little bit cranky when I haven’t eaten enough. Oops. Doesn’t everyone though???

I decided I didn’t need to take my Garmin with me, because I thought I pretty much knew where I was going. Wrong-o. An hour into my drive, hungry, hot, and kind of mad because it’s not even exactly a position that I’m crazy about, I realize that I’m not sure whether or not I passed the road I was supposed to turn onto and there are no street signs. I call my mom. Maybe I yelled, a little because of the aforementioned reasons, and finally figured out where I was. My mom loves me so much though that she stayed on the phone with me.

Are you sure this is where I’m supposed to be? I realized I was now in the ghetto. Ghetto, like, houses are falling down and the people walking down the street are staring at me, staring. Everything looked very dirty. What does my mom say, oh that’s right, I forgot that you’d be driving through the ghetto. Really? Thank you, mom, for sending your 22 year old daughter through a very sketchy place, alone. See you later, if I don’t get murdered before making it home

Thankfully, I made it out of there just fine and found a parking spot on the first floor of a parking garage right across the street from my appointment’s building. I still wasn’t really feeling good though, my stomach was starting to growl and I’d been crying. Overreaction, I know, but it was 5 o’clock, I was hungry. I went into the building and successfully made it to the correct floor and office space. I was directed to sit in a room, full of quite a bunch of characters, who also were there for said appointment.

What did I have to drive almost an hour and half for? To take a test. Online. That I had access to from my own computer, from the safety of my own house. If you passed the test, you were to schedule an interview, for the following week. By the time I was done it was about 7 PM, I was even more agitated because I felt like I had had to drive there for no reason. The test was something that could have been taken from a home computer. Besides that, I’m pretty sure that almost everyone in the room passed the test and set up interview – there were 17 people in the room. I’m not sure how many people the company is planning on hiring, but if there were 10 sessions, let’s say, with approximately the same number of people in each one, that’s 170 people, give or take, that they will be interviewing. It makes me feel like, what is the point? The whole process was extremely time-consuming, it could have been done in a more efficient way.

I was done, though, and only had to look forward to going back the next week. Yay. Oh, and getting home. Silly me, I forgot parking garages come out on a different street than where you went in. I hate parking garages because I’ve watched too much ID channel and Lifetime movies, and they make me feel like someone might pop out and try to kill me. It actually wasn’t that scary because it was still pretty light outside. But the homeless man wondering around in there was a little discerning. I knew which road I needed to be on, only problem was that in the section of the city that I was in it was a one-way street. There was also some festival going on, so some streets were blocked off due to that and due to construction. So I saw a sign for The Mall and knew that I’d know how to get home from there. After driving a while, I wasn’t sure where I was and only saw signs for getting on the Interstate going the wrong direction. So, I turned around, and finally figured out where I was and made it home safe and sound.

This definitely has been the most exhausting process I have encountered in my job hunt – and it’s not even over yet!! One of the woman that I was talking to told me that her sister had applied for the same position over a year ago, passed the test, interviewed and never heard anything back… I know that was just one other person, but again, is this even worth all this hassle? I contemplated calling and not going to the interview on Monday, but it would definitely be a job, and while it’s not really something that I want to do, I don’t think that it’d be that bad. I’m just getting fed up with searching for jobs, being told I’m under qualified/over qualified or being offered positions paying barely more than minimum wage or, my favorite, just being plain-old ignored.

I’m ready for this to be over any time soon, where’s my dream job?!


2 thoughts on “In the ghetto

  1. Oh my goodness! I would have been seriously stressed out too if that happened to me. Good luck with the job hunt, I am searching too and it is no fun at all!

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