Cause I’m proud to be an American

I have been incredibly busy with interviews lately, I think because it’s getting to be Fall and people are going back to school and what-not, so I haven’t had much time to post. Last night I went out with my parents. I don’t know if any of my friends would actually enjoy going to the kind of red neck fun that my family is all about. Earlier this summer, I went to the Rodeo, but this latest adventure is more like a red neck rodeo.

Crash-O-Rama includes enduro racing, skidplate racing, school bus figure eights, demolition derbies, and guaranteed Americana family fun for all.

Skidplate racing

Fans even had the opportunity to take their own cars out onto the track and try to burn out. The winner won $100 cash. Apparently, last year the guy who won had two carseats in the back and was driving his father-in-law’s car. This year one guy broke his front axle and the winner had just gotten new tires put on that day, so I’m not really sure if the money was worth it, but I guess it was probably pretty fun.

Someone lost a tire...

Not only that, but it’s a really good place for people watching, not that I’m judging or anything.

We got there two hours before the show started in order to ensure we’d get good seats with a view of the entire track, wouldn’t wanna miss a minute of the carnage (I’ve never heard that word used so much in my life until last night).

The crowd around us included some real characters and we’ll just say, some people really need to pull up their pants. One of the little girls literally never stopped eating the entire night and was honestly probably one of the most annoying children I have ever met, and normally I think kids are great. The mother also had her six month old baby along. Of course, the little one couldn’t miss the race, after all daddy was racing. And putting your hands over a baby’s ears is definitely good enough for ear protection. Behind us was another family, one of the kids kept digging his knees into my back and almost pushed me right off the bench. And I think I saw a guy who had peed his pants. Not from all the excitement of car parts flying around, but from having a little too much to drink. At several points I thought he might fall up or down the bleachers.

Racing with campers, boats, and jet skis

The last show of the night was a demolition derby with motor homes.

Which is especially funny because these motor homes are, number one, pretty old, and number two were never meant for driving into other motor homes, at least I don’t think so. Because all of the glass, windshields and side mirrors included, have to be removed before entering into the demo derby, the drivers are pretty much blindly backing into each other and hoping they get a good hit. The “PMS, Pretty in Pink” motor home was driven by a 24 year old girl!! Which I thought was great because I’d love to go out there, race cars and get to smash into things intentionally! I mean, who wouldn’t?

The boy drivers kind of ganged up on her at first, but she held her own and was the second to last one to go out. This is what they looked like by the end of the night:

New career plan?


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