Workin’ 9 to 5

Once again, I’ve abandoned my blog. I’ve been pretty busy since the new job started and have hardly had any time for anything else. I’m all moved into my sister’s apartment, which technically, is now mine also since I pay half of the bills. While this job maybe isn’t my dream job, but I’m still not quite sure what would be, it feels good to get up and get ready and go do something. I don’t feel like I’m doing much since right now I’m still in training mode, but I’m getting paid so woo-hoo. Plus, some of these crazies make me feel, like, really smart. But I am smart, after all I do have a college degree. Or maybe that doesn’t really mean anything?

I have so many fun things to say about all of the crazies nice people that I work with, but since I had to be silly and put my name in my bloggity URL and even boast about my superb writing skills in some of my interviews, I feel that it would be a bit wrong of me to share my observations on here. Just in case anyone were to get offended. Although, I don’t know why they would. I just notice the things that other people ignore.

Besides getting to go to work every and drive half an hour through 15 mph school zones [really, why is it so slow?], the ghetto, and bottom-less potholes [but I do get to sing along to the radio the whole way, and I don’t even care who sees me], I’ve been getting back into my gym routine. Well, not really getting back into, since I never was a big gym buff. I would do some cardio at the gym or over summer I did P90X and some of Jillian Michael’s workouts, but I now I have the real life fitness training expertise of my sister.

Overall, I really am enjoying being a real person, grown up. It’s almost more fun than being in college and not being real. Almost


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