You spin my head right round, right round

I stumbled upon this Business Insider article this morning, 5 Reasons Why You Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job. Okay, so maybe I haven’t put enough key words into my resume, and I don’t have exactly 2-3 years of experience, or the master’s degree you want the person to have and then you’re just going to pay them 10 lousy dollars an hour anyway. Personally, I think that’s crap. I still think it’s rude to ignore emails. I much prefer getting the generic, sorry we chose someone else than nothing at all. No one likes being stood up.

I am wondering, though, how anyone is supposed to be getting experience if no one is willing to take a chance and hire you. Oh right, there are internships. Wait, I’m 23 and living on my own with bills and loans to pay, I can’t work for free. I think they call that slave labor anyway. Sorry, in college, no one was there to help me figure out where to do a meaningful internship. I realize now I should have done this on my own. Hindsight is 20/20

So, I’m working at a job that I really don’t like all that much, because it’s a job and it pays me well, but I certainly don’t see myself doing this forever. It has really nothing to do with my major; I don’t get to be creative, I get to sit down all day and listen to idiots the nicest people tell me how wonderful I am. Does this experience count for anything??

I’m just wondering if I’m ever going to be able to have a job that I like. Or if I will always dread Mondays and be counting down until Friday?

Growing up we were always told you can be anything you want, the world is at your fingertips. But, not really. For jobs that I’d really like to take, I am being offered $10 an hour. I can’t live on $10/hour, with maybe 30 hours a week. In what world can someone live on that? That’s not the dream that we were promised, and I wanna know where it is.


Don’t you know I pack a Chainsaw

Doesn’t it seem like when you need to get somewhere, everyone is super, extra pokey slow? I had one of those days the other day. I was supposed to leave work half an hour early because I had an appointment, of course I got stuck with that asshole customer, who just does not get it. This cubey job has taught me one thing, if nothing else, and if i already didn’t know then it confirmed it: at least 85% of people are incompetent, obnoxious, and just plain dumb and also pretty rude. Either way, I finally got off the phone with him, ran out of the office, down three flights of stairs, through the parking ramp, and finally to my car.

Now, I’m going to interject here and point out that sometimes I’m a little bit crazy. Which, I will totally admit to, on my own, I don’t need anyone else to point it out to me, because I already know. But I’m a gemini, so I think that makes it okay. Or a little bit more okay, anyway. I also know, that when it gets to be that time of the month or, like, the week preceding and following it, I get a little moody. One minute I’m happy, then I’m angry. I’m all over the place.

[side note, especially if you are a potential future employer, or like, boyfriend or something, or whatever: I do not unleash my craziness on all those around me. I can grit my teeth, smile and go along like life is great, even if I just want to slam something through the nearest window (is this weird?, I’m not sure…). Mostly, I get really angry for a second, and then I’m fine all over again. [Woohoo!] The only people who see my really crazy side are the people who, like, have to love me, no matter what. You know, my mom and my sister, and maybe my dad but he doesn’t really get it, maybe because he’s a boy, or something, I’m not really sure.]

So, today, leaving nearly twenty minutes late, heated because of the dumbass I had just been speaking with, I, of course, got behind the other dumbass who had to go 10 mph under the speed limit. And it was a no passing zone everywhere. Then, there was a car going so slow on the thruway that they put their blinkers on….say what, I wasn’t sure people actually did this, like this man was smoking his cig taking a leisurely drive on a Tuesday afternoon. Interesting Anyway, by this time, I obviously know that I am going to be late for my appointment. Because my mom knows that I’m crazy and probably being a maniac, and because she loves me, she called my Dr.’s office to let them know that I was running behind schedule. I think she did it mostly just because she loves me, though.

If I was cartoon, my face would have been red with smoke puffing out of my ears. You know what I’m talking about.

image from

I, also was driving like a bat out of hell. If there had been another person in the car, they would have been holding onto the holy shit bar. If I was still a cartoon, there would have been lightening bolts coming out from behind me, like in Mario Kart when you hit a star (the best part, obviously). If I had gotten pulled over by a cop, and if they had given me a ticket, it probably would have cost me like a thousand dollars. It was really ridiculous, because there was actually no need to be driving so fast. Especially because it was very windy, and I have little car, and so I was practically zig zagging around the road. I was still so angry, though, that I didn’t even sing along to the radio, which is probably the only thing I ever like about being in the car. Because I actually really dislike being in the car for some reason.

By the time I got to my Dr.’s office, five minutes late, by the way, I ended up having to sit in the waiting room because they were behind schedule too. This usually would be annoying, (for anyone! not just me!!!) and I realized that I just wasn’t mad anymore, because just sitting there, not being bothered by anyone was the calmest part of my day. Whew. And, that might be kind of sad?

Why haven’t I heard from you

Eek, it’s been almost a month since I last posted, not that anyone cares. So what has happened? Well, last month I was offered a job, maybe not my dream job, but I’ll take it. Since then, I have continued looking for whatever that dream job may be, and had a few interviews – phone interviews, worse than in person interviews. One of them was like I was just chatting with some long lost friend about my life, maybe like a blind date? Tell me about your interests And the other one, I’m pretty sure she was eating her lunch while asking me questions that didn’t make any sense to me. I contemplated just saying, forget about it and hanging up the phone.

Just this past week, I packed up [most of my life] and moved in with my sister. My bedroom at home now looks like what a normal person’s bedroom should look like, rather than having every square inch filled with random things. Hopefully leaving so much of my stuff there will postpone my parents from painting over my hot pink and zebra walls, and turning it into some kind of practical room. Like an office. But, like, they’ve survived this long without it, so maybe they can wait a while longer.

Next Monday I start my new job. Yay!(?) I am definitely looking forward to having something to do with my time. It’s not really summer anymore, so I can’t lay out. I’ve read so many books, I don’t want to look at them for a while now. I’ve really cut back on my job searching, so I have been watching an excessive amount of junk TV lately. What have I learned? Talk shows have the same guests and talk about the same things, all day long. It might be funny the first time, but after a while it gets really boring. I also became slightly addicted to the show Jerseylicious, even though I found out that the salon employees were pretty much cast by the Style network. TV is being taken over by reality TV shows, that aren’t even actually real, so confusing.

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter

This week in my LinkedIn Top Headlines in Public Relations and Communications email was an article about How Twitter can get you a Job. I know that I’ve talked before about how I don’t really like Twitter, and guess what, I still really don’t. I think it’s really just because I don’t think that that many of my friends have Twitters. And I feel like Twitter is maybe for those people who like to post way too much stuff about nothing. Every time I get on my Twitter, I just have nothing to say, that will fit in 140 characters or less anyway.

Well, what story was number 1, you may ask? A story about how 45% of Companies Use Twitter to Find Employees, of course. It’s complete with a colorful infograph, and who doesn’t love those?

There’s some interesting information on there, like how 1 in 3 employers decided not to hire someone based on their Facebook. I think that it’s really, kind of awkward that someone sits in an office and tries to creep around on Facebook to find you and judge you, and then not hire you. Most people, I think, use their privacy settings to block unwanted people from viewing at their pages, like ex-boyfriends and people that you’ve decided you don’t want knowing what’s going on in your life anymore, and your professors, and maybe your mom if you’re mean, and oh, the person who you’re asking to hire you. Either way, the infograph also says that 1 in 5 employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, so, I guess make sure you update your Twitter so that everyone knows that you’re still #unemployed.

I had to look around on Twitter to see what people had to say about being #unemployed and I found out that you don’t just have to randomly harass people on your own (like the girl I talked about here), Twitter now has their very own job search called I decided to check it out, of course. Basically, it gives you some “Twitter job channels” that you can follow and then you’ll be notified of new jobs, directly to your Twitter account! Maybe I’ll follow some and see what happens.

Other things I found via Twitter that made me giggle a little bit:
I haven’t washed my hair in three days and, by Gum, I don’t think it’s ever looked better. #unemployment
There’s only so much more late-afternoon Law and Order I can watch with my mom #unemployment
Why celebrate Beyonce’s pregnancy? I sat on a couch for 9 months getting fat, and y’all didn’t put me on the cover of People. #unemployment
Nothing like a little Motion City Soundtrack to take me back to those days when I wasn’t supposed to have a job anyway. #unemployment

[Side Note: In case you haven’t noticed, I choose my blog titles from song lyrics. Genius. Today’s heading is from Ben Walker’s Twitter Song. I didn’t think I’d find a song about Twitter, but by golly, I did! Thanks Ben!]

Cause I’m proud to be an American

I have been incredibly busy with interviews lately, I think because it’s getting to be Fall and people are going back to school and what-not, so I haven’t had much time to post. Last night I went out with my parents. I don’t know if any of my friends would actually enjoy going to the kind of red neck fun that my family is all about. Earlier this summer, I went to the Rodeo, but this latest adventure is more like a red neck rodeo.

Crash-O-Rama includes enduro racing, skidplate racing, school bus figure eights, demolition derbies, and guaranteed Americana family fun for all.

Skidplate racing

Fans even had the opportunity to take their own cars out onto the track and try to burn out. The winner won $100 cash. Apparently, last year the guy who won had two carseats in the back and was driving his father-in-law’s car. This year one guy broke his front axle and the winner had just gotten new tires put on that day, so I’m not really sure if the money was worth it, but I guess it was probably pretty fun.

Someone lost a tire...

Not only that, but it’s a really good place for people watching, not that I’m judging or anything.

We got there two hours before the show started in order to ensure we’d get good seats with a view of the entire track, wouldn’t wanna miss a minute of the carnage (I’ve never heard that word used so much in my life until last night).

The crowd around us included some real characters and we’ll just say, some people really need to pull up their pants. One of the little girls literally never stopped eating the entire night and was honestly probably one of the most annoying children I have ever met, and normally I think kids are great. The mother also had her six month old baby along. Of course, the little one couldn’t miss the race, after all daddy was racing. And putting your hands over a baby’s ears is definitely good enough for ear protection. Behind us was another family, one of the kids kept digging his knees into my back and almost pushed me right off the bench. And I think I saw a guy who had peed his pants. Not from all the excitement of car parts flying around, but from having a little too much to drink. At several points I thought he might fall up or down the bleachers.

Racing with campers, boats, and jet skis

The last show of the night was a demolition derby with motor homes.

Which is especially funny because these motor homes are, number one, pretty old, and number two were never meant for driving into other motor homes, at least I don’t think so. Because all of the glass, windshields and side mirrors included, have to be removed before entering into the demo derby, the drivers are pretty much blindly backing into each other and hoping they get a good hit. The “PMS, Pretty in Pink” motor home was driven by a 24 year old girl!! Which I thought was great because I’d love to go out there, race cars and get to smash into things intentionally! I mean, who wouldn’t?

The boy drivers kind of ganged up on her at first, but she held her own and was the second to last one to go out. This is what they looked like by the end of the night:

New career plan?

In the ghetto

Yesterday I had a job search break down. It was probably the most ridiculous day that I have had so far in terms of my interviews/auditions for jobs (because it really seems more like an audition).

I applied for a job that was posted online about two weeks ago. I hate applying to the jobs online where you have to fill out all of the information and then attach your resume anyway. All of the information you fill out is on your resume, so it seems so pointless, annoying, and time-consuming. After submitting that information, I had to take a test of situational/what would you do questions that probably took about half an hour. Depending on if I passed this test I would be able to schedule an appointment. Silly me for thinking that an appointment would mean an interview. No, they are not the same thing.

The open appointment times were during the week from 5 PM – 8 PM, a few were on Saturdays from 11 AM – 3 PM. I opted for one of the week day ones, because it was the soonest opening. After scheduling my appointment, I received an email that there would be ABCD testing and possibly an interview afterward. (ABCD wasn’t the actual acronym used, but you get it) I looked up ABCD testing and came up with several results. I was either going to be tested on my physical abilities, take a drug test, or take a test related to some high school. So, I emailed the woman back, she said I could if I had any questions, and asked exactly what the testing would entail. She said it would be a test of mostly situational questions, similar to the test I’d already taken online. Grr, at least I wouldn’t have to lift any weights, but maybe that would be more fun. I didn’t know if someone would be directly asking me the questions or if I’d be put into a classroom, given a #2 pencil and bubble answer sheet.

Yesterday was the day that I would find out. I realized, only earlier in the morning, that I would have to leave my house around 3:30 to get there, because it’s about an hour drive, plus road work, city traffic, finding a parking space, and then walking to the building. Guess I won’t get to eat dinner today. Side note: I get a little bit cranky when I haven’t eaten enough. Oops. Doesn’t everyone though???

I decided I didn’t need to take my Garmin with me, because I thought I pretty much knew where I was going. Wrong-o. An hour into my drive, hungry, hot, and kind of mad because it’s not even exactly a position that I’m crazy about, I realize that I’m not sure whether or not I passed the road I was supposed to turn onto and there are no street signs. I call my mom. Maybe I yelled, a little because of the aforementioned reasons, and finally figured out where I was. My mom loves me so much though that she stayed on the phone with me.

Are you sure this is where I’m supposed to be? I realized I was now in the ghetto. Ghetto, like, houses are falling down and the people walking down the street are staring at me, staring. Everything looked very dirty. What does my mom say, oh that’s right, I forgot that you’d be driving through the ghetto. Really? Thank you, mom, for sending your 22 year old daughter through a very sketchy place, alone. See you later, if I don’t get murdered before making it home

Thankfully, I made it out of there just fine and found a parking spot on the first floor of a parking garage right across the street from my appointment’s building. I still wasn’t really feeling good though, my stomach was starting to growl and I’d been crying. Overreaction, I know, but it was 5 o’clock, I was hungry. I went into the building and successfully made it to the correct floor and office space. I was directed to sit in a room, full of quite a bunch of characters, who also were there for said appointment.

What did I have to drive almost an hour and half for? To take a test. Online. That I had access to from my own computer, from the safety of my own house. If you passed the test, you were to schedule an interview, for the following week. By the time I was done it was about 7 PM, I was even more agitated because I felt like I had had to drive there for no reason. The test was something that could have been taken from a home computer. Besides that, I’m pretty sure that almost everyone in the room passed the test and set up interview – there were 17 people in the room. I’m not sure how many people the company is planning on hiring, but if there were 10 sessions, let’s say, with approximately the same number of people in each one, that’s 170 people, give or take, that they will be interviewing. It makes me feel like, what is the point? The whole process was extremely time-consuming, it could have been done in a more efficient way.

I was done, though, and only had to look forward to going back the next week. Yay. Oh, and getting home. Silly me, I forgot parking garages come out on a different street than where you went in. I hate parking garages because I’ve watched too much ID channel and Lifetime movies, and they make me feel like someone might pop out and try to kill me. It actually wasn’t that scary because it was still pretty light outside. But the homeless man wondering around in there was a little discerning. I knew which road I needed to be on, only problem was that in the section of the city that I was in it was a one-way street. There was also some festival going on, so some streets were blocked off due to that and due to construction. So I saw a sign for The Mall and knew that I’d know how to get home from there. After driving a while, I wasn’t sure where I was and only saw signs for getting on the Interstate going the wrong direction. So, I turned around, and finally figured out where I was and made it home safe and sound.

This definitely has been the most exhausting process I have encountered in my job hunt – and it’s not even over yet!! One of the woman that I was talking to told me that her sister had applied for the same position over a year ago, passed the test, interviewed and never heard anything back… I know that was just one other person, but again, is this even worth all this hassle? I contemplated calling and not going to the interview on Monday, but it would definitely be a job, and while it’s not really something that I want to do, I don’t think that it’d be that bad. I’m just getting fed up with searching for jobs, being told I’m under qualified/over qualified or being offered positions paying barely more than minimum wage or, my favorite, just being plain-old ignored.

I’m ready for this to be over any time soon, where’s my dream job?!

Take it on the run

I have been really stumped the past few days on what to write about. I don’t want to look up newspaper articles that aren’t going to give me any hope of finding a job. I don’t want to get all political or anything, because I don’t really follow politics, even though I think that I probably should. They’re boring, to me. There are some things that I wish I liked, or think it would be good to like, but I just don’t. Things like sushi, shrimp, politics, and the American history that probably actually does matter, but they gross me out, feel funny, and are boring, so why try to like something that I just simply don’t. If I want to read about history, I want to read about the Mafia, criminals on the lam for years, something exciting! I don’t want to read about what has happened, I want to make something happen. I want to create things, write things, paint things, capture things.

So the economy sucks right now, but it has before, probably will again, and hopefully we’ll all survive. It’s like everything else in life, soon it will be over and everything will be okay again. Complaining about it isn’t going to change anything. It doesn’t make time go by faster either, but it gives you something to do in the mean time, I guess, even if it annoys everyone else in the process (hehe).